"According to the laws of nature, chaos is predominant and yet within it, order finds its way. Just as order finds its way within chaos, so does Dr. Anna in a dental scenario. However simple or chaotic one's dental predicament may be, Dr. Anna will bring it to its best order. A gentle soul, a gentle heart, a gentle hand, a gentle Dentist."
— Michael


"Dr. Anna not only exemplifies excellence in dentistry, but also in humanity. She adds a human touch in her work, and that makes her distinctive. Dr. Anna is a rarity due to her gentle and kind attributes."
— Farah


"Dr Anna has been our family dentist for about three years now and we have nothing but praise for her and her team. In fact we actually drive from Mississauga to her practice in Milton as we are thoroughly happy and pleased with her quality of service and care.

Dr Anna is methodical and we sincerely appreciate the high level of professionalism and excellent dental care that we receive from her and which also comes with a touch of warmth, compassion and sincerity. She is truly one of a kind and I would never hesitate recommending her to anyone."

— Kenneth M.


"I was a patient with Dr. Anna since the last 7 years. She has been specially good with my 2 little boys, so we decided she was perfect for the 'big' boy Dad too. The best thing about Dr. Anna is that she will always guide you without looking at monetary benefits. We as a family feel very safe handing over our jaws to her. I wish her the very best."
— Priya


"I would like to record my appreciation for the professionalism,individual personal care and high quality dental related services offered by Anna through Bronte Dental at Milton,Ontario. She removed my fear i had every time visiting a dentist and i can confidently say after being treated by her for the past 2 years i am not worried about my dental or oral health anymore. Anna is very caring ,listens patiently and ensures that the right treatment is given at the right time and provides options with clear explanation. My family including my wife 2 sons visit her and they all are comfortable and in good dental health under Anna's care."
— Santhanam


"My husband, daughter (from 3 years old) and I have been going to Dr. Shieh for over 2 years. We are very happy with the services that she and her team provide. Dr. Shieh's demeanor is such that it has a way of making us feel relaxed and worry-free while we have the necessary work done on us. We were very glad to find her and that has resulted in us ensuring we go to our appointments as needed, and without procrastinating due to potential fear of discomfort/pain. I was not regularly getting the necessary dental work done before I started going to Dr. Shieh, and that had resulted in a reduced level of dental health. However, within 1 year of seeing Dr. Shieh, I was able to have cleanings done without any freezing, and that was a big accomplishment for me as I have a hard time enduring pain. Since going to Dr. Anna, my dental health has improved a great deal, and for that, I am truly thankful. We feel good knowing that we will enjoy excellent lifelong dental health if we continue to see her regularly. I do not hesitate in the least to recommend Dr. Shieh as your dentist. You won't be sorry!"
— Monica J.


"Like most people I dreaded having to visit a dentist, not until I met Dr. Anna. She has changed my entire perception of what a dentist visit should be like. I had once called Dr. Anna when I had a major tooth ache, as I could get no one to see me at such short notice. She managed to somehow squeeze me in her busy schedule. Her main goal was to get me out of pain. I found her exceptionally skilled and gentle; she certainly cares about her patients. Since that incident in 2005, I have always been her patient. My entire family goes to her. A patient's age is no bar, my children love her, and even my aged mother finds her skilled and efficient. As her patient you feel listened to and not rushed. She makes sure you are educated on your various choices. The ambience at Bronte clinic is also very soothing; the equipment is pretty modern and state of the art, and the staff is very helpful, professional and always friendly. I have recommended Dr. Anna to many of my friends and relatives and would continue to do so. I am very satisfied."
— Mark M.


"Dr. Anna is an amazing, compassionate, and friendly professional dentist at Bronte Dental in Milton. I set up an appointment with her for my husband, son and myself. Dr. Anna's offices is so clean and tidy and has a modern look and possess all updated equipment necessary for all types of dental care. As you walk in you are greeted by her warm and friendly staff that will do their best to provide you with the best services."


"Dr. Anna is a hardworking dentist who is very gentle and efficient. In fact my husband was afraid to visit the dentist until he had met her! My son loves her, he finds going to the dentist fun. Dr. Anna is a miracle worker when it comes to teeth! Her two hands come together to form my families beautiful smiles!"

Canadian Dental Association